Welcome to Faith World Bible College!

The desire of my heart is for each student to be taught to love and to serve God. Some may serve part-time while others full-time. I desire to see the development of a consistent prayer life in each student and to assist each one of them find their place in the universal plan of God. As we move in this Millennium, we need to fight and break loose from the bondage of yesterday and strive to move from the natural and enter forcefully into the supernatural. One must lift his/her eyes high above the natural and focus on the King of Kings, Jesus Christ.

All subjects are carefully selected and offered to prepare each student to be a leader in a generation which could well be the one to welcome the second coming of the King of Kings.

All faculty members have been prayerfully chosen not only for their teaching ability, but we consider their sensitivity to the Spirit and an exemplary life. Therefore, with anointed teachers who encourage the gifts and fruit of the Spirit to function freely we hope to come up with a dynamic leader.

F.W.B.C is an international Bible College welcoming people from all churches and all nations of Africa. You will therefore have an opportunity to interact with people from different nations and learn different cultures.

I, therefore, invite you to be part of this family, which is always ready to assist in any way to make your College days a success and a blessing.